Many people focus on their technical skills when they want to improve their job opportunities. But did you know there is another set of skills most people ignore that are just as important? If you focus on these “soft skills” you can set yourself apart from your co-workers and competition.

In this episode, Jimmy, Mac, and Kim discuss, how to keep your business running during a crisis, why your strengths can be weaknesses, and the importance of emotional intelligence.

Show Highlights:

  • How to ensure your business runs smoothly, even in a worldwide crisis ([1:14])
  • Understand this and you’ll never shortchange yourself again ([6:31])
  • A counterintuitive approach to working on your weaknesses ([8:23])
  • Why positive traits can negatively impact your life ([9:25])
  • The proper way to use personality assessments ([11:28])
  • This is the biggest predictor of your career potential ([14:45])
  • The H.U.T. method for becoming an amazing listener ([20:58])
  • The best way to create unfailingly loyal customers ([24:52])

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