Good or bad, your experiences shape who you are. You can take those experiences and internalize them, but that may turn you into a miserable person. Instead, you could use them to help others. You never know when your story could help someone else get through their own difficult time. 

In this episode, Jimmy and guest Jason McKenzie discuss how to work through sadness and depression, ways to stay positive when bad things are happening in the world, effective morning routines to set yourself up for success, and more.

Show Highlights:

  • A counterintuitive, but effective method to overcome sadness and depression ([4:38])
  • The practical reason to share your darkest times with others, rather than keeping them locked inside ([8:29])
  • How to keep yourself positive when the world is all doom and gloom ([14:20])
  • Essential elements you can add to your morning routine ([20:45])
  • If you do these things when you first wake up, you’re ruining your day ([22:18])
  • A must-read book for growing in all areas of your life ([24:21])
  • This technique can snap you out of a bad mood instantly ([35:56])

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