Building up a local business as a solo entrepreneur can be full of challenges. There is a seemingly endless list of things you need to get done in order to grow… Not to mention actually doing your work! But with the right mindset and approach, you can get it done and succeed massively.

In this episode, Jimmy and Chason Perry discuss why starting your business without partners sets you up for future success, mindset tips for getting through the initial growing pains and tips for scaling things up fast using social media (even if you have NO budget). 

Show Highlights:

  • The secret to quickly building up the skills necessary for running a solo business ([9:10])
  • The shocking impact the internet is having on our collective IQ ([9:34])
  • Taking this approach to business processes is essential or you will continue to fail ([12:09])
  • What strength coaches can teach you about crushing it in business and life ([12:27])
  • Why running a business by yourself in the early days sets you up for huge success in the future ([14:22])
  • A little known Facebook hack that helps you build your business fast… for free ([18:58])

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