Whether you’re trying to train your body or train yourself to be more effective in business, there are certain methods and techniques that are more effective than others. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a lack of progress in the gym or personal growth in other areas, you know how complicated it can seem.

In this episode, Jimmy and Chason Perry discuss how to make all your training more effective, why working harder isn’t always the answer and better ways to set goals for yourself. 

Show Highlights:

  • This mistake will end your coaching career faster than anything else ([1:50])
  • This striking similarity between your body and your business will forever change the way you approach training for both ([3:58])
  • The secret to finding the right people to work with you, no matter what business you’re in ([9:15])
  • Why working harder is not the key to pro-level success and what you should do instead ([15:50])
  • This is the most effective way to select and set goals for yourself ([24:30])
  • How to stay positive when everyone around you is losing their minds ([28:15])

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