Have you ever wanted to start your own business or non-profit, but questioned your ability to do so? Or maybe you just got bogged down and overwhelmed with what steps to take next. You are definitely not alone, but the good news is that thousands of people have overcome these hurdles and you can too.

In this episode, Jimmy and Sammy Ortiz discuss the traits that make a successful entrepreneur, the most important first steps you can take when starting out, and the mindset that leads to success in life and business.

Show Highlights:

  • What you can learn from the most successful entrepreneurial students ([0:55])
  • Two key traits that can predict success in business ([5:35])
  • Most people avoid this at all costs, but it can teach you more than anything else if you choose to learn from it ([6:40])
  • Why you no longer need a huge budget to start a successful business ([7:17])
  • Doing this will have a more profound positive impact on the economy than anything else ([8:53])
  • The truth about “natural entrepreneurs” ([10:03])
  • This is the most important step to get right when starting your entrepreneurial journey ([13:36])

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