Dan Parker is somebody who is truly uncommon.

After losing all his vision in a brutal drag racing crash, Dan fell into a deep depression with thoughts of taking his own life. Today, he’s back on his feet and behind the wheel, taking steps to become the world’s fastest blind man in a car he built himself, and with no human assistance.

He’s no stranger to danger and losing his sight won’t slow him down!

Today Dan joins me to talk about his journey back to racing and his quest to becoming the world’s fastest blind man.

Show Highlights:

  • How Dan first got into drag racing ([2:20]
  • Dan’s reaction to being told he was going to be blind for the rest of his life ([7:45]
  • The day-to-day struggles of being 100% blind ([8:30])
  • The pivotal point that reignited Dan’s purpose in life ([10:15]
  • Positive daily steps Dan uses to stay motivated ([16:40])
  • How to know who your real friends are ([19:00])
  • How to stay on track and achieve any goal you set ([20:30])

Follow Dan’s journey and support his future racing endeavors by visiting his Tragedy to Triumph Racing Facebook page.

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