There are many ways you can use to get ahead of your competition – one of which is to offer a superior service than your competitors. 

While you should always strive to offer a high-quality service to your clients, being the best can be more challenging than just being the first to arrive in a new niche.

My guest today is J.P Crawford, owner of Diverge Fitness – somebody who definitely fits the profile of an uncommon life!

J.P has successfully carved out a very specific niche within the ever growing fitness industry and created a unique ‘white-glove’ experience for his clients. 

Today J.P is here to show you how to carve out and establish your niche – no matter what industry you’re in.

Show Highlights:

  • What people actually want and are willing to pay for ([3:30])
  • Is traditional marketing dead? ([4:45])
  • The biggest part of creating an unforgettable client experience that most business owners neglect ([5:30]
  • One of the greatest personality traits you should look for when hiring staff ([6:20])
  • How J.P creates a ‘white-glove’ service for his clients, and how to do the same in your business ([14:30])
  • The most important yet overlooked coaching skill ([18:00])

The easiest way to get in touch with J.P Crawford is via email at

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