As promised, this week we’re back to finish our interview with MMA athlete and Entrepreneur, Simon Chang.

In this episode, Simon talks about the real struggles of entrepreneurship, working in a relationship as a couple – and making it work, plus a bunch of tried and true social media tips to market your business better.

Tune in and enjoy the show! 

Show Highlights:

  • The real day-to-day struggles of Entrepreneurship nobody likes to talk about ([2:00])
    How to make working with your partner work ([2:30])
  • Tried and tested tips for using social media effectively for your business ([5:20])
  • What it really means to work ON, not IN your business ([8:45])
  • How to build the right team for your business ([10:30])
    Light up your life: An Alternative attitude towards life that’ll make your path brighter ([16:15])
    Stress-relieving strategies for entrepreneurs ([19:20])
  • Tips for starting a new business today that you haven’t heard a thousand times already ([20:20])

Find out more about Simon’s work here:

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