Your circumstances and upbringing only define you if you let them. Eric Norris experienced a variety of ups and downs as a child, from domestic abuse to a cross-country bus trip to move in with relatives after his parents divorced. 

Fast-forward to today, and Eric is heading up a thriving company in the cosmetology industry. In this episode, Jimmy and Eric will discuss how to raise yourself up from failure, overcome your entrepreneurial doubts, and live out your faith in the marketplace.

Show Highlights:

  • How looking at your customers differently can transform failure into industry domination ([16:18])
  • Why equality and fairness are killing your business ([18:06])
  • The Jack Welch method of dealing with employees that explodes your profits ([18:30])
  • This magical customer service hack helps you learn what customers really want… no matter what they tell you ([20:27])
  • How to overcome the mental hurdles to entrepreneurship that keep you stuck in a quiet life of desperation ([22:08])
  • These are the best people to help you get clarity when making a life-changing decision, ignore everyone else ([24:55])
  • Why “burning bush” Christianity is actually pushing you farther away from God ([27:00])

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