In this episode, Rachel Schmidt is back to share more networking superpowers that you can apply straight into your business to help you grow. 

Today, we talk about how to make collaborations, how to know who to collaborate with, and the compounding effect of staying invested in long-term business relationships.

Let’s jump straight in! 

Show Highlights:

  • Rachel’s non-negotiable activity for supercharged productivity ([1:50])
  • How to successfully network when you have no time to network ([4:50])
  • Turning a Starbucks breakfast into a networking opportunity ([7:20])
  • Time-management tips for better networking ([9:00])
  • Rachel’s honest thoughts on relationship building through social media ([12:00])
  • Advice to get beyond the ‘chit chat’ when networking ([15:45])
  • The most valuable form of marketing for your business ([17:20])
  • Fundamentals of effective collaborations ([17:45])

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